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ROKETSMS - SMS Broadcasting

ROKETSMS - SMS Broadcasting

Broadcast your Campaign using SMS Online Panel

ROKETSMS is Malaysia’s top online SMS service, providing you a solution to manage your business communications effectively. We enable agents, start-ups, entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses and global enterprises to interact with their customers wherever they are.

With our web SMS messaging platform, you can send out SMS online to multiple countries as we cover over 220 territories and 1,000+ networks. No additional software or hardware is required. Our user-friendly platform is easy to use and allows you to send SMS marketing campaigns in no time.


This SMS Broadcasting only can use for official business purpose, sensitive content like casino,loan,game,adult toys,etc. not allowed to use SMS Broadcasting.. No refund will entertain due to not following this terms.

User also MUST have SSM REGISTERED (FOR MALAYSIAN USER) and WEBISTE/FB PAGE/IG that explain content that will used for SMS Broadcasting.


SHORTCODE (5digit) only can be used for Malaysian Company only.

For Overseas Company, all message will be send out by random overseas number or provider ID.


  • 154,000 credits = RM6,160
  • 60,000 credits = RM2,700
  • 25,000 credits = RM1,250
  • 10,000 credits = RM600
  • 4,000 credits = RM280
  • 1,000 credits = RM90

Please note that, credit calculation as below (if receiver number is Malaysia +60):

  • Shortcode (5 digit numbers) : 2-3 credit per SMS
  • 2Way SMS : 3.55 credit per SMS
  • Standard Route : 8.6 credit per SMS (all user that not submit their company details will be charge for standard route)

Please email us here [email protected] to check credit calculation if you are sending to other country mobile number.

We will reload the credit within 24 hours. Credit validity never expire.

For more details, please read at



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