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TG SENDER PRO (TELEGRAM AUTOMATION PRO) is a software designed for those who want to automate task in Telegram such as extract members from groups, add member to groups, send messages to member or send message to groups directly from PC in a simple and effective way. If you are an online seller and want to save on ads and marketing, then this software is right for you. System 100% follow Telegram API.

Save Ad Cost and Maximize Zero Cost Marketing on Telegram

4 Main Features:


  • Can extract user from public group if you’re member
  • Can extract user from public channel if you’re admin
  • Data (Name, username & phone)
  • Username and Phone will shown if available


  • Can add user to public or private group if you’re member 
  • Can add user to public or private channel if you’re admin, and only first 200 members 


  • Can send message to users
  • Can attach file/image during sending
  • Import CSV file to send message
  • Can send message with different contents
  • Ability to set a delay between messages


  • Can send message to own groups 
  • Can send message to joined public/private groups
  • Can attach file/image during sending
  • Can sending message unlimited
  • Can send message with different contents
  • Ability to set a delay between messages


  • Need to login Telegram web/desktop to run this software
  • Can run software from multiple Telegram account
  • Require login code onetime only
  • Support all Windows OS
  • Max activity 50 users only within 24 hours for one Telegram account (if non mutual contact) to avoid restrction or banned
  • If new account or have detected as spam activity, Telegram doesn’t allow you to send messages or add non mutual contact 
  • No limitation if users saved your contacts and you also saved their contacts (mutual contacts)

Extract members from a group

Send message to users

Add members to group


  • Get Users from Contact (RM100)
  • Add Users to Contact (RM100)
  • Extract Members from Groups (RM100)
  • Get Groups from Contact (RM100)
  • Add Users to Groups/Channel (RM100)
  • Send Message to Users (RM100)
  • Send Message to Groups (RM100)
  • Include one license key

Total Value = RM700

Special price = RM700 RM160 only for all features

*(limited for 100 users only)

We open lifetime license at a very good price... Make an early purchase to get a special price offer!

Tips to Avoid Banned Issue

Sending mass messages via Telegram may cause your account to be temporarily suspended if you don’t take some precautions. This suspension usually lasts 24 hours.

However, if Telegram continues to detect misuse, it may permanently suspend your account.

We are not responsible for the use of the tool and we are not responsible in the event of a Telegram account ban.

Here are some tips to minimize the risk of ban:

  1. Possibly, do not use your personal Telegram account for mass submissions. You can also activate a Virtual Number to use to activate a Telegram account and send messages with it.
  2. If you’re using a new number and a new Telegram account, use it for a few days before you start a mass submission by sending and receiving individual messages with friends/relatives. This will increase the “reputation” of the account.
  3. When you start making mass submissions, start with small groups (e.g. 50 or 100 contacts) and then increase.
  4. Send different messages (spintax) to every users to minimize recipient report as spam.
  5. Use the “interval” parameter to add a delay between sending one message. Telegram does not allow you to send more than 20 messages per minute.
  6. Send messages only to users who have given consent to receive your communications (commercial).

NOTE: This software allows you to communicate with Telegram users who know you and who expect to receive your messages (e.g. customers, students, patients, etc.), and it is not a spam tool, so we are not responsible in case of suspension or ban of your Telegram account. 


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